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Who is inacom?


Originally formed in 2006 as inacom Systems Corp owned and operated Network, Colo Hosting and Data Center and has quickly become the secure hosting provider of choice especially within the SMB marketplace.  Some of our Core service offerings include Dedicated and Managed Servers, Cloud, Colocation, VPS, Compliancy Hosting and Support.


In 2011, inacom acquired our primary data center facility in Rockland, Massachusettes and have since considerable investments in new equipment and overall operations, including an all new critical power infrastructure, Redundant routers, Infinera Optical Gear, state-of-the-art security devices including, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense System (DDS). we have experienced staff and management team waiting to serve your needs. We have removed unnecessary overhead by outright owning and operating all infrastructure components and created a financially stable business that allows us to pass savings directly to our customers, ultimately reducing IT expenses.


The investments we make allow us to deliver the ultimate flexibility for our customers giving them a virtual smorgasbord of options to choose. inacom maintains its focus on offering our superior products and services for our customers’ utilizing cutting edge technology and services at a value SMBs require.  Best-in-class hardware, for a variety of Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Managed Services, Hosting, and Colocation, all backed by our 24/7 support gives our customers a competitive advantage with low pricing is just the beginning of what inacom has to offer!

Empowering Business


Inacom excels - great service, people and products

This was my first experience with a data center and Inacom exceeded my expectations. They worked with me to identify my needs, clearly outlined the next steps, and then made installation and implementation a snap.


Their pricing was much better than the other data centers I examined. I couldn't be happier. My businesses has grown significantly since I moved in and inacom continues to scale with my needs.

   Inacom Systems

Knowing that your computers and networks are always working and available, empowers you to rely on those systems for mission critical functions.


Knowing you have an IT support team to call on whenever you need help, empowers you to make the most of your resources with minimum downtime and interruptions.


Knowing you have a trusted technology advisor who has the vision, experience and foresight to prepare you for the future, empowers you to move your business forward without fear of the unknown.




inacom, Corp. is more than just an IT consulting and services firm. We’re all about business.


When we take on a new service relationship, we dig deep into your business goals and operations. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach, recognizing that every business is unique and has its own IT and technology requirements.


We’ll take whatever time is necessary to truly understand your business. We’ll evaluate your current set-up. And we’ll work with you to develop an intelligent strategy for maintaining and building a technology infrastructure tailored to the specific needs and demands of your business model.

inacom’s goal is to design systems that take over repetitive or mundane tasks, freeing your people to focus on activities that will grow your business. Our systems also harness the technologies that can connect your people, facilitating communications and collaboration. The results: a big boost to your organizational efficiency.


And when you learn how to optimize your systems, you’ll spend less money to gain more power.


With Clarity


It’s surprising how many businesses operate with no IT budgets and no technology roadmap.


Too many businesses have technology infrastructures that are disasters waiting to happen. No real back-ups. No true security. No sense about when warranties are expiring. No understanding how emerging technologies could provide a significant competitive advantage . . .or shut the doors on a long-time thriving business.


inacom has a staff of IT business professionals who stay on top of technological developments. We’ll work with you at every level of your organization to provide the clarity you need to run your business today, and to plan for the future.